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    340 Capsules

    Australian By Nature Propolis 500mg

    Natural Propolis For Immune Support and Defence
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    Australian By Nature


    Propolis capsules contain all natural antioxidant bioflavaniods. Collected by bees, propolis has mild antibacterial and antibiotic characteristics. For relief of the symptoms of colds and influenza.

    The name Propolis is derived from the Greek words 'PRO' - before and 'POLlS' - city.

    It was first used by beekeepers in Ancient times that noticed bees often built a wall in front of the entrance to their hive, hence the name 'Propolis' - before the city.

    The busy worker bees collect resins from trees that exude sap to protect themselves from infection. The bees re-metabolise this to form what we know as propolis, smearing the dark substance around the entrance to their hives to strengthen and protect their home against infection.

    Propolis is a natural antibacterial agent with antiviral, anaesthetic, antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Propolis contains over 60 different naturally occurring chemicals and it’s because of this complexity that it lends itself to a very wide scope of uses. Just a few ingredients contained in propolis are flavanoids, organic acids, vitamins and numerous minerals.

    Propolis is a powerful remedy to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. Topically it is helpful for treating a whole range of minor skin conditions and wounds. It may also help in increasing the body's immune system.

    In the preparation of Australian By Nature’s propolis, a cold treatment process is used. This ensures that our propolis products come with all the "goodness nature intended".

    Propolis may cause allergic reactions. Test on skin before use. If swelling occurs, discontinue use.

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    Propolis 500mg