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    24 Capsules

    pharmacare Sambucol Caps

    Powerful blend of antioxidants to boost immunity and protect the body
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    Sambucol® is a unique black elderberry extract intensely rich in immune-boosting flavonoids.

    Flavonoids are powerful, natural antioxidants that work to protect the body’s cells from the potential damage caused by free radicals.

    Certain flavonoids – anthocyanins – are found primarily in the pigments of dark blue and deep purple fruits such as the black elderberry. It is these that have a remarkable ability to stimulate the body’s immune system. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the highest concentration of anthocyanins are found in black elderberries – nearly double the amount found in any other fruit. Flavanoid Comparison Table

    Sambucol's unique manufacturing process harnesses the natural power of these anthocyanins providing a health supplement suitable for the whole family (Sambucol® for Children can be used from 1 year upwards).

    Sourced from nature, developed by scientists and laboratory tested, Sambucol® is used by millions the world over.