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    schussler biochemic tissue salts

    Tissue salts are a group of minerals that should be present in the body for it to function properly. Often unhealthy lifestyles deplete our reserves leading to ailments and illness. Tissue salts also known as “cell salts” or “biochemistry salts” are the minerals that are found in rocks and soil. These salts also occur naturally in the human body in the form of reserves. Any imbalance caused to this reserve causes depletion and opens door for illness and disease.

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    Complete health offers a range of schussler biochemic tissue salts that can help restore the mineral balance.

    Why do we need tissue salts?

    Our Modern Lifestyle makes us lose the important minerals from our body through stress, worry, improper nutrition, industrially tainted food stuffs, electro-pollution from cells phones, microwaves, computers, pesticides, preservatives, insecticides and also through exposure to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings, lead content in water. Therefore we are even more prone to diseases and illness than before. The depleted minerals are not being replenished and therefore human body is becoming susceptible to illness.

    Tissue salts were discovered by Dr. Willhelm Scheussler a German Doctor in 19th century. His research shows that each human cell contains 12 important minerals or biochemic tissue salts and these salts should be present in a perfect balance to ensure good health. When an imbalance or deficiency of any of the tissue salts is caused the human body begins to develop symptoms related with the lacking tissue salts. By replenishing the depleted tissue salt, the body can be brought back to an accurate balance and therefore the symptoms of illness can be alleviated.

    The 12 tissue salts and its functions

    1. Calc fluor - Tissue elasticity restorer
    2. Calc phos - Cell restorer
    3. Calc sulf - Blood purifier, purulent agent
    4. Ferr phos - Anti-inflammatory
    5. Kali mur - Detoxifying agent
    6. Kali phos - Nerve and brain cell agent
    7. Kali sulf - Metabolism, pancreas conditioner
    8. Mag phos - Pain and cramp killer
    9. Nat mur - Water distributor
    10.Nat phos - Acidity neutralizer
    11.Nat sulf - Liver cleanser
    12. Silicea - Skin and connective tissue conditioner

    Tissue salts can be used as it is or in recommended combinations to treat a wide variety of ailments and illness. One of the important advantages of tissue salts is that they are safe to consume. They’re also very inexpensive when compared to other supplements. Tissue salts generally come in tablet form and are composed of lactose powder. The tissue salts are suitable to everyone from adults to children. The tissue salt products are similar to homeopathic range of products where each inorganic salt is ground with lactose powder in a ratio of 1:9 and the mixture is again ground with fresh lactose in the same ratio and repeated until a dilution of 1000:1.

    Complete health offers a range of tissue salt products in as is and also in combination forms. Some of the popular products include Kali Phos, ferr Phos, Comb 5, Hamamalis: witch hazel cream, Comb R: Painful teeth, Comb Q: Sinus, Comb P: Poor Circulation, Comb N: Menstrual pain, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Calc Sulph, Calc Phos, Nat Sulph, Calc fluor, Nat mur, Nat phos, silica etc.

    In addition to the basic 12 salts discovered by Dr Schussler, there are 15 more cell salts, namely:

    13. Potassium Arsenite (Kali Ars)
    14. Potassium bromide (Kali Brom)
    15. Potassium iodide (Kali Iod)
    16. Lithium chloride ( Lith Mur)
    17. Manganese Sulfate (Mang Sulph)
    18. Calcium Sulfide ( Calc Sulf)
    19. Copper Arsenite (Cuprum Ars)
    20. Alum (Kali Alum Suplh)
    21. Zinc Chloride (Zinc Mur)
    22. Calcium Carbonate (Calc Carb)
    23. Sodium bicarbonate (Nat Bocarb)
    24. Arsenic iodide ( Ars Iod)
    25. Aurum Chloride Sodium (Aurum Mur Nat)
    26. Selenium (Selenium)
    27. Potassium dichromate (Kali Dichrom)

    How our body uses these salts?

    Most people have a misconception when it comes to the benefits of vitamins and minerals and many believe that minerals on the cellular level can be easily replaced by vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

    Vitamins and supplements can be absorbed by the cells provided the cells are adequately mineral-enriched and balanced in the first place. If the minerals or tissue salts are not present, the body struggles to absorb even a tiny faction of these vitamins. The vitamins and supplements that we take becomes a stress rather than help for the cells, as the cells are missing the minerals needed for their intra and extra cellular balance to help pave a smooth entry for vitamins and other supplements. Therefore it is important that body is enabled to receive the benefit of any vitamin and supplement. The most of the absorbing of the active ingredients happens through the laryngeal mucous membranes of the mouth. If body needs the tissue salts, the more quickly it is absorbed.

    The tissue salts form the base for the biochemic cell salts healing method. The healing method of the cell salts is developed based on world’s oldest branch of medicine known as homeopathy. Infact Dr. Schussler discovered the health-supporting properties of several mineral salts that were developed with the help of homeopathic techniques for the assimilation by the cells of the body.

    Each of the 12 salts has a wide range of remedies and benefits. The Normal use of cell salts varies between 3 to 6 times daily by taking 1 to 2 tablets. The method of taking the tissue salts slightly differ than the conventional tablets as these are put successively in the mouth and are slowly sucked. The salts can be taken individually or may be taken as a combination. Many salt enthusiasts prefer to take a maximum of three different salts in a day and others prefer only one single salt at a time in a day. It is important that tissue salts are assimilated by the oral mucosa directly into the blood stream. Therefore, it is recommended that you let the tablet dissolve on the tongue. Kids love the mild and sweet taste of the lactose as it dissolves quite fast. Children can take every one or two hours a tablet and may gradually reduce the dose as the condition gets better.