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    spatone 100% Natural Iron Supplement

    A natural source of iron that aids in maintaining healthy iron levels

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    Spatone is a mineral-containing spa water and iron supplement. It is a gentle iron provider and easily absorbed. Iron helps to maintain energy and good health.

    SPATONE is suitable for adults and children (over two years of age) requiring iron, who may also be...

    - Taking prescribed medication
    - Pre - or post - natal
    - Breast feeding
    - Hyperallergic
    - Pre - or post - operative
    - Vegetarian or Vegan
    - Convalescent
    - Athletic

    Spatone is especially suitable for anyone who cannot tolerate manufactured iron preparations, and, when there is a need to take extra iron long term and there is concern about taking high quantities causing iron accumulation. Spatone is a safe and effective iron food alternative, ideal for long term use.

    Because Spatone is 100% natural and comes from a natural source there have been no added ingredients. Spatone has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.

    INGREDIENTS: (per sachet)
    5mg Free Ferrous Ionic state Fe ²+
    clinically proven 26 to 40% bioavailability
    compared to an average 5 - 20% from food and 3 -10% from iron pills.

    1 sachet per day.