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    100 g

    Body Ripped Beta-Alanine

    An effective supplement to reduce the effects of lactic acid in muscles so you can go harder for longer
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    Body Ripped


    Body Ripped Beta Alanine can help you increase endurance and decrease fatigue during intense training sessions. If you’d like to push a little harder or go a little further with every workout, maybe it’s time for you to give Beta-Alanine a go.

    Body Ripped Beta Alanine will benefit you in several ways:

    • Increase the levels of carnosine (an important energy molecule) in the muscle
    • Has an ability to balance muscle pH thereby reducing lactic acid so you can go harder for longer
    • Increased blood flow and muscle pump during strength workouts
    • Suitable for use by all types of athletes, anyone looking to increase strength and power.

    Ingredients Per Serve (2g) Per 100g
    Beta-Alanine 2g100g