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    Gu Energy GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets

    An electrolyte supplement that helps restore critical minerals in the body after hard training sessions.

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    Gu Energy


    When you sweat during training you lose more than just water. Sweat contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium as well, which need to be replenished. By adding an electrolyte tablet to your water you can help restore these minerals in your body.

    GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets contain all the necessary elements to help you optimize your hydration. While exercising your body can lose over a liter of sweat per hour so it is critically important to stay hydrated to maintain performance.

    GU brew comes in 3 great flavours and costs less than $1.00 per tablet, making it one of the best value recovery supplements going around.

    Nutrients Per Serve (4.7g) Per 100g
    Calories 10213
    Fat 0g0g
    Sodium 320mg6809mg
    Potassium 55mg1170
    Carbohydrate 1g21g
    Sugar Alcohols 1g21g
    Protein 0g0g