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    shotz sports nutrition Electrolyte Shotz

    Electrolyte replenishment in a convenient effervescent tablet.

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    shotz sports nutrition


    Proper hydration is essential for sports performance, once your hydration levels start to drop both muscular strength and endurance can deteriorate rapidly.

    For best hydration, you need water plus electrolytes. Your body loses more than just water in sweat so it is critical that important vitamins and mineral are replenished also. Shotz electrolyte tablets contain all the essential elements you need contained in a convenient effervescent tablet.

    To take, drop one electrolyte tablet in 500ml of water. The tablets are stored in a handy tough tube can easily be carried around with you whenever you need it.

    Ingredients Per Tablet
    Energy 3 Cal
    Protein 0g
    Fat 0g
    Carbohydrates 1g
    Sugars 0g
    Sodium 215mg
    Potassium 21mg
    Vitamin C 18.75mg
    Magnesium 10mg
    Calcium 6.25mg
    Vitamin B2 250mcg