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    ASN HP-100

    A unique whey protein isolate formula to help improve sports performance

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    Australia Sports Nutrition has developed a unique protein formula to help you build lean muscle and speed up your recovery after training.

    ASN HP-100 is quickly absorbed to ensure fast transit of protein into muscle cells for maximum growth.

    Fast absorption has been scientifically proven to have a more anabolic effect on muscle cells than slowly absorbed protein (which only prevent muscle tissue loss).

    HP-100 is an essential part of your training plan to optimise your muscle grown and recovery. If you’re looking to get maximum results then you need a quickly absorbed protein supplement in the post-workout period.

    Nutrients Per Serve (28g) Per 100g
    Energy 111.4cal397.8cal
    Protein 25g89.33g
    Fat 0.05g0.2g
    -Saturated Fat 0.03g0.1g
    Carbohydrates 1.17g4.2g
    Sugars 0.34g1.2g
    Cholesterol 0.00g0.0g
    Dietary Fibre 0.67g2.4g
    Sodium 84mg301mg