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    Coconut - The Ultimate Superfood

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    1) Coconut oil controls weight based on a 2009 study which linked it to reduced abdominal obesity. The study found the oil is easy to digests and protects against insulin resistance.

    2) You may think Coconut oil is a fat but in reality it contains medium-chain fatty acids which are "healthy" compared to trans fats that cause cholesterol, depression and health issues. When the body consumes Coconut oil it converts it to energy in the liver rather than storing it as fat!

    3) The oil supports immunity as it's a source of caprylic acid & capric acid containing antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The Lauric acid within the oil contains 75% MCFA fatty acids which the body transforms to monolaurin to help heal viruses including influenza, herpes and candida. 

    4) Coconut oil eases digestion (and tummy bloating) and can benefit individuals with irritable bowel syndrome. The microbial properties of the oil have a sooting effect on the issues that cause poor digestion. 

    5) Coconut oil can help manage type 2 diabetes based on a Garvan Institute studies. The insulin resistance protection is due to the medium-chain fatty acids being small enough to be absorbed reducing fat and improving insulin sensibility

    6) The oil boosts your metabolism based on a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition. By just consuming two tablespoons of coconut oil helped burn of kilojoules and help keep off weight.

    7) Coconut oil helps slow fine lines since it hydrates the skin ensuring connective tissue remains strong preventing sagging and wrinkles. 

    8) It is one of the only oils that can be used in high temperature cooking without that smoky issue that you get from other oils.

    9) The oil can stop sugar carving because if you have coconut oil when you have a craving it is more satiating then carbs or a sugar treat.

    10) Its simple to cook with and has high protein, is dairy free and has gluten free.

    Coconut SuperFood